The Biggest Google Algorithm Updates of 2021 

Role of the Google Algorithms in defining your ranking position.

Google keep doing extensive changes in their algorithm so that they could offer the most qualitative, relevant and secure web-pages to their users. And that’s why, every year updates are either rolled out or in the pipeline. In this regards, staying informed about the updates not only aid in staying concurrent SEO best practices, but also improve your position in SERPs. Via this post, you will come to know about those latest biggest google algorithm updates of 2012, whose understanding will strengthen your digital presence.

“About this result” update (February 2021)

The “About this result” feature does not affect your ranking; it is merely a list of facts about a page, some of which influence your ranking. Those are:

· It is mandate that your website is https-encrypted.

· Back links that are of excellent quality.

· A keyword that accurately reflects its intent.

About this result- Google Update 2021

Users can determine if a website is trustworthy by learning more about its source before opening its results. This would enable users to discover authoritative websites that are trustworthy but not popular. The feature is, however, still in beta testing.

Passage ranking update (February 2021)

With the help of artificial intelligence in the passage ranking update, Google can now index not only web pages, but also the specific passages (paragraphs or sentences) found on those pages. Or we can say, selected passages can show up as the featured snippet. In this way, the user can quickly locate the relevant information instead of trawling through the relevant web page.

100% mobile-first indexing update (March 2021)

With the surge in the mobile users since 2010, Google started stressing on the responsive website design or dynamic serving a ranking factor. Launch of the mobile index gave a crawler a direction to rank the websites according to mobile version of the content.  In order to make the mobile friendly design, following are the pre-requisites:

  • Site should be responsively designed;
  • Images should load in two seconds or less;
  • Let the manually tested pop-ups and form functionalities on your mobile phone work of its own.

Page experience update (June 2021)

Google, along with part of its page experience update, has also introduced a set of metrics for indexing mobile and desktop versions of websites. 

These include:

·       Largest Contentful Paint (LCP):  how fast the main content of a page loads.

·       First Input Delay (FID): how quickly a webpage responds to the user’s first action on the page.

·       Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS): how stable the layout is (i.e., elements don’t jump around unexpectedly).

You can access the real data for this metrics via Page Speed Insights or the full Core Web Vitals report in Search Console.

To sum up, understanding the Google Algorithm is the half SEO task done. If you are looking for expert advice for synchronizing your website to new Google updates, don’t hesitate to contact Elite Digital, the best SEO Company in Ludhiana.

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