Most Important Google ranking factors in 2021

If you are an SEO, you’ll know what the following scenario is about. You conduct thorough keyword research and create fantastic content which ends up performing well – wow, a great job! The world is falling down around you as you are at the top of SERPs. And a day later, the algorithm changes… You have crashed in the rankings.It doesn’t matter if an algorithm updates rock your world or destroy it; it’s inevitable!Although you don’t have control over how search engines function, there are still several things you can do to maximize your website’s ranking in search results. In this post, I have listed the different categories of the ranking factors, and what are the top 10 most important Google ranking factors in 2021.

What is actually the ranking factor on Google?

A ranking factor is a set of criteria that Google (and other search engines) uses in evaluating pages to determine which results for a given search query are most relevant.

Types of Google ranking factors in 2021

Let’s first go over the factors that you should focus on when testing your website’s rankings with Google. They actually fall into three categories:

Off-page ranking factors: Google measures these factors outside of your site, mostly because of backlinks.

On-page ranking factors: These are primarily based on the keywords and information on your pages.

Technical ranking factors: These also affect your website, but they have more to do with how well it performs overall rather than how well it performs on each individual page.

Technical Google ranking factors

  • Website speed
  • Usability on mobile
  • Internal links
  • broken Link

On-page Google ranking factors

  • Keyword targeting
  • Title and header tags
  • Meta description
  • Image alt-text
  • URL structure
  • Information quality
  • Backlinks

Optimizing for Google ranking factors takes time

SEO is not a one-size-fits-all strategy. You need to remember that climbing up the search result pages takes time. It is unlikely your website will automatically appear in the number one spot if you optimize it for many ranking factors today. Optimizing your site requires ongoing efforts to keep it relevant and fresh. As long as you have a website that is effective and set up to target your target buyer, you’ll realize organic growth. If you want your website to be developed so that Google ranks it easily, contact Elite Digital, The best SEO Company in Ludhiana.

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